$SICK Token

This sounds sick, doesn't it?

The $SICK ERC-20 Token will be used everywhere in Lil'Germs, from our iOS/Android game, marketplace, winning games in discord and even buying attributes.


Amount Type Description
100,000,000 Supply This is the total supply of tokens that will ever be avalible. Tokens can be burned, but this amount can never increase.
57,000,000 Circulation The amount of tokens in circulation.
22,000,000 Reserve Reserve wallet is NOT to be touched unless we for some reason “run out” of $SICK and future giveaways within the marketplace and to bring in new members on board.
15,000,000 Founders Evenly distributed between the founders, to be used at their discretion.
6,000,000 Team Distributed among community manager, marketing, collaborations and other associates that helped create Lil' Germs

Ways to earn $SICK


You may have heard of this before as "soft staking". You keep your Germ in your wallet, mark your Germ as "Germinating" in your Dashboard, FOR FREE, and start earning! The longer you hold, the more you earn. That easy. Oh ya, there are Boosters too!

... just don't list it or sell it, or you can't earn.

Length (days) $SICK Earned / Per Day
< 30 2
>= 30, less than 60 4
>= 60, less than 90 6
>= 90, less than 120 8

The iOS/Android Game(s)

Did you know we have a mobile game, that's been approved in both stores already?

Our Mobile "Arcade" has a few things going on, but our major game is a Red Light / Green Light race! Race against other germs for your best time and get added to the leaderboard.

Best times win.

Competition 1st 2nd 3rd
Daily 10 5 2
Weekly 50 25 10
Monthly 100 75 50


We have a lot of shit here don't we? Some of this stuff has NEVER been done before. We created unique Discord games, starting with our live streaming slot machine. The prizes are updated daily, so you need to be in the discord to see what's there to collect.

There is a $SICK Jackpot, among oher prizes, that can be won at any time!

Wait, there's more

Boosters! (No, not THOSE boosters)

Remember, Lil'Germs is the first NFT you can buy/sell/trade traits and attributes seperately from the NFT itself.

Some of these attributes are special. If you own them, when applied to your germ, you can receive bonus $SICK.

Don't feel left out though. We also pick weekly random booster attributes. What does this mean? Well if you hvae the selected attribute on your germ, you will be automatically boosted for that week.

Type Multiplier
Legendary "1 of 1" Germ 4 x
Booster Attribute 1 (TBA) 2 x
Booster Attribute 2 (TBA) 1.5 x
Random Weekly 1.25 x
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